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On the shale patch itself, the politics were decidedly pro-fracking.

Saudi Aramco chairman Khalid al-Falih did say recently that the country intends to maintain its strategy, and keep producing oil at maximum production.

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It was explained by the rising oil demand in countries like China and India.Byron King discusses the recent fluctuation in oil prices and why they will likely not remain too low for too long. Today, I want to show you.

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Deloitte, too, got its steel forecast wrong: Instead of a bonanza for US steel, there was a plunge in demand, as the drop in oil prices prompted oil companies to cancel their projects.In February 2013 (pdf), the firm did warn drillers that they should prepare for lower oil prices.Crude oil prices are expected to remain low as supply continues to outpace demand in 2016 and more crude oil is placed into storage.

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The idea of monogamy as a relationship ideal is based on flawed science.Always in such situations, a few traders bet the other way, leading observers to declare them oracles.Iran is expected to increase its production once international sanctions targeting its oil sector are suspended.Crude oil, gasoline, heating oil, diesel, propane, and other liquids including biofuels and natural gas liquids.With the collapse in oil prices came the crash of employment in US cities across Louisiana, North Dakota, and Texas, and in Canadian towns reliant on the oil sands boom in Alberta.Interviews with the main institutions that made the bad calls reveal no crisis of confidence, and they are busy putting out analyses of the latest developments.

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Crude Oil Price WTI Crude Oil: West Texas Intermediate (WTI), also known as Texas light sweet, represents local fundamentals for crude oil in the U.S. and sent via.

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Environment Greenhouse gas data, voluntary report- ing, electric power plant emissions.

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The Canadian province of Alberta has lost some 20,000 jobs, the most in any industry downturn since the early 1980s.International International energy information, including overviews, rankings, data, and analyses.

This, along with an evaporation of recycled petrodollars from Europe, is consigning those emerging nations to recession, as reported first by Izabella Kaminska and her Financial Times colleagues.Reduced capital investment and cancelled or postponed oil projects, combined with record-low drilling rig activity in the U.S. has many worried that.

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The first two of those efforts—to open up more land, and to stop federal regulation —failed.

That is because fundamentals do not support the present price.

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Dropping oil prices in the 1980s did help bring down the Soviet Union, after all.Platts European fuel oil price assessments cover both the high and low sulfur spheres, divided between 3.5% and 1% maximum sulfur, cargo and barge marketplaces.In February 2015, Saudi energy minister Ali Naimi pondered aloud whether petro-states might suffer a black swan event, with oil demand drying up entirely by 2050.

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The first forecasted draw on global oil inventories is expected in the third quarter of 2017, marking the end of 14 consecutive quarters of inventory builds.Saudi billionaire businessman Prince Alwaleed bin Talal says prices could go lower if supply stays where it.

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The site provides crude oil prices. track of oil prices today and understand.Dubai Crude Oil Price: Updated: about 1 month ago, on 06 Feb 2017: Validate:.Even so, the sheer scale of what was not foreseen in oil (mea culpa: including by Quartz ) is breathtaking.