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A continued crash in oil prices is potentially great news for the ETFs on this list.

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For some ETF ideas on which segments will definitely be the ones to follow if that is the case, make sure to closely watch the five funds below as potential winners in a continued low oil environment.

OIL - iPath® S&P GSCI® Crude Oil Total Return Index ETN

The fund also has a nice mix for cap size so it should offer up a pretty diverse list of choices to investors seeking to play this in-focus industry.

An ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) is a diversified collection of assets (like a mutual fund) that trades on an exchange (like a stock).

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Best Dividend ETFs shows you the ETFs with the highest dividend distribution using the Quick Dividend ETF Screener.Guide to Oil ETFs There is still no ETF offering physically backed oil, but investors have a choice of several futures backed ETFs or futures tracking ETNs.That is why a -1x fund like DNO could make more sense for some, though it is always important to watch out when dealing with the commodity and inverse markets.

Crude oil ETF is a frequently mentioned instrument when somebody discusses how to invest in oil.Click to see more information on Crude Oil ETFs including historical performance, dividends, holdings, expense ratios, technicals and more.

They then take this crude and turn it into refined products, so as long as prices for things like gasoline, jet fuel and the like stay relatively high (compared to crude) refiners can make plenty of profits off of this spread.Before the advent of ETFs, investing in oil was not easy for retail investors.Investors looking to gain exposure to Brent oil can do so through exchange-traded products that offer relatively low costs, low maintenance.Investors wanting to track the soaring oil price with exchange traded funds (ETFs) should take care.

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On the supply side, Iran looks to keep the pressure on the oil market as its sanctions have finally ended.Performance charts for ETFS WTI Crude Oil (CRUD - Type ETF) including intraday, historical and comparison charts, technical analysis and trend lines.There are numerous global factors which appear likely to keep oil prices mired at low levels for quite some time (see 16 Bold ETF Predictions for 2016 ).So while this is definitely a risky area, it is also a potentially profitable one in the energy space.

Long-term upward pressure on crude prices could send oil stocks gushing.One way to try and profit from any rebound is to buy an ETF that holds oil future contracts.

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Long and Short Crude Oil ETF (1x, leveraged 2x and 3x) Best European ETFs to.

This looks to open up Iranian crude to global markets putting a fresh 500,000 barrels a day initially on to the world stage and eventually hitting two million barrels.Browse a complete list of Vanguard ETFs, including detailed price and performance information.The only real way to play the space right now is with CRAK, an ETF that focuses solely on this market holding about two dozen stocks in the space.Supplies are outpacing demand as U.S. shale-oil producers gush with black gold.Investors should tap the beaten down oil prices with these top ranked energy ETFs for some outperformance in the months ahead.And with prices this low, things like bankruptcies or bond payment issues are starting to come on the table too.

That is why I am going to highlight INDY today, a fund that tracks the Nifty 50 Index which looks at the 50 largest publically traded Indian companies.But there are several oil ETFs and they have their specific features.We offer all the research, education and guidance you need to help you invest in ETFs. Plus, we.You are being directed to ZacksTrade, a division of LBMZ Securities and licensed broker-dealer.At the center of everything we do is a strong commitment to independent research and sharing its profitable discoveries with investors.Get more control over your investments while enjoying the same benefits as mutual funds.

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Finance receives a big weighting with 22% going to banks, but computer software (16.2%) also has a nice allocation too.Change the date range, chart type and compare Barclays Bank Plc iPath Exchang against other companies.