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An energy derivative is a derivative contract based on (derived from) an underlying energy asset, such as natural gas, crude oil, or electricity.Futures contracts are firm commitments to make or accept delivery of a specified quantity and quality of a commodity during a specific month in.

A unit of electri-cal energy which equals one megawatt of power usedfor one hour.MMbtuOne million British thermal units.MMcfOne million cubic feet of natural gas.

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Uncertainty—Variable Solar and Wind Energy Contributions. 16 3.3 Impact of Coal-to-natural Gas Ratios on. 5.2 The Cost of Hedging and Alternative Methods.Fusaro, 9781403934680, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

Generally oneparty agrees to pay a fixed price in return for receivinga floating price from another party.

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The mechanism by which this is achieved-from the sale is used to subsidize the swap price.DOEUnited States Department of EnergyDow TheoryTheory of market movement developed by Charles-sive higher peaks and higher troughs in an uptrend,and lower peaks and lower troughs in a downtrend.Dow divides trends into primary, secondary and minor.-ern technical theory.


Alternative Energy Derivative and Hedge Accounting. Agenda. hedging derivative would be recorded in other comprehensive income until the.

With the fluidity of commodities pricing, many energy companies employ hedging strategies to improve their financial positions.Gas is usually priced on a dry basis.EEIAEFPExchange of futures for physical: refers to the exchangeElliott Wavethree- wave trend, the extent and scope of which areEuropean Optionexpiry.

An electricgenerating technology in which electricity is producedfrom otherwise lost waste heat exiting from one ormore gas (combustion) turbines.

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The main propane trading hubalong the United States Gulf Coast.Moving AverageThe mean of prices over a pre-defined period, forinstance, the previous five days.RFG is specified to contain 2.7% oxygen,and is designed for year-round use in urban areas.So-called oxygenated gasoline is specified with a 2%oxygen content, and is intended for winter use.RhoThe rate of change of the value of an option with re-spect to the risk-free rate of interest.FCStone provides a professional voice-brokered and screen-based service for clients on Clearport, ICE Block, Globex, WebIce, etc., for energy, softs.We view the relationship with our clients as a true partnership, providing advice on a variety of other areas, such as contract negotiations and business expansion.Group of crude-producing countries which hasused its collective weight of production since OPECwas founded in 1960 in an attempt to influence oilprices.Open InterestOpen interest is the number of open contracts on agiven future or options contract.

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This program will give you an overview of the world of energy hedging.WRI and a group of corporate green power purchasers explore whether long-term green power contracts can be a win-win for providers and consumers. A key.

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The delivery point for NYMEXWTI crude oil futures.Crack SpreadThe spread differential which represents refining mar-gins.

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